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Herbal Garden Infused Facial Oil

Herbal Garden Infused Facial Oil

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This facial oil is pure luxury. Formulated with calendula and thyme infused organic rosehip oil and organic jojoba oil, this handcrafted oil is used best on damp skin after gentle cleansing twice a day. 2-10 drops is all you need!

When used sparingly this oil dries and absorbs quickly and this 2oz bottle will last a long while.

No added fragrance or essential oil.

ORGANIC ROSEHIP OIL - high concentration of vitamin A helps increase collagen production, reduce appearance of wrinkles. High levels of vitamin C help brighten skin. Vitamin E helps soothe inflammation and irritation. 

ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL- appropriate for acne prone skin types as is noncomedogenic. Hydrating and may have antibacterial/anti inflammatory properties.

CALENDULA- Flower in the marigold family used in traditional herbal medicine. Anti-inflammatory used to speed up healing. Has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can be helpful in healing wounds, eczema or rashes.

THYME- Natural antioxidant with vitamins A and C. Anti-inflammatory properties assist in reducing redness, itching or discomfort with dermatitis or other skin conditions.



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